The Big Bang Hypernova Hypothesis

  • January 25th, 2019

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Fractal geometry is the underlying cosmological principle where self-similar patterns seen on a small scale are replicated on a larger scale. The largest explosion inside our universe is the death of a massive star. Following the logic of self-similar patterns so too was the Big Bang event. The hypernova of an undefined star like object whose diameter was around 500 million light years across. This is the kernel of the idea I had.

First proposed by George Lemaître in 1931 in his paper “The beginning of the world from the point of view of quantum theory” the original Big Bang theory made a number of key assumptions that has become known as the Cosmological Principle. This principle states on a sufficiently large enough scale the distribution of matter and energy throughout the universe is both homogenous and isotropic.

Recent discoveries, such as the Bootes void and The Cold Dark Spot on the Cosmic Microwave Background, have caused some cosmologists to question these underlying assumptions. Moreover rather than quantum theory describing the Big Bang event general relativity is finally finding its voice. i.e. “Identification of a gravitational arrow of time” by Julian Barbour, Tim Koslowski and Flavio Mercati.

Building upon the ideas laid down by Benoit Mandelbrot I present a scientific case driven by observations, lab results, computer models for this retelling of the Big Bang story. I layout my thinking as I examine the philosophical mathematical foundations.

But on the road in researching the potential validity of my idea I truly have come against the unknown and started asking questions of everything. Answer was given as I found the living universe reacted. In reply, I have created this film, my work of art, in order to communicate the full magnitude of what I discovered upon this road.